Mon, Aug 16, 2010

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Hi mommy,

well i think its time, can i come home now? i miss the house. this week was real good. yesterday to my surprise the ward threw a farewell party for me. i didnt know it was going to happen, a member said "elder come over to my house at 6, i wanna talk to you" so i said ok and when we got there, pretty much half of the ward was there and we had a little party. the first councelor in the stake presiency threw the party. it was real fun and extremly trunky. pretty much everybody said that now its time to get married and send them the pics. haha. but i really loved this ward. we need to come back here and visit. i owe a couple of the mamitas hugs. you need to meet all the mamitas, they are real funny ladies a couple of them called me "elder frye my son". to say the truth i thought i would be going home today, i spoke with the mission secretary like 5 days ago and he said (to my complete surprise) that he might have been able to get me a flight for today. but i called him last night to ask if i had to pack my bags or not and he said that he didnt get a answer back from salt lake but he is going to call again today to see what the deal is and when i am going home, then as soon as he knows, he will call you and tell you when i come home and when you need to be at the airport. i bought the last of the souvenirs today, another hammock and some braclets. it was a really trunky pday. haha but dont worry, im still focused on the work. so qhat do you have planned for when i go home? what are we going to do? can i make an ecuatorian dinner for the family (rice and a can of tuna with lime juice all over it… yum good eatin)? well we will do something fun im sure, we need to go to the movies and we need to rent a lot of movies to catch up. and i want to go to the doctor about my hip, it doesnt bother me like it did before but i dont want it to come back. MATT IS DONE WITH HIS MISSION!!! we need to call ireland when i get home so i can talk with him. thats not completly fair, he started after me and is finishing before me. oh you know what, i am the presiding elder in the mission, cuz i got her before anybody else in my group and we are the oldest group in the mission, so the only elder that has more time than me in the field is President Gamboa haha.

well i would tell some cool stories, but then i wont have anything to say when i get home this week, and dont worry, ive got LOTS of pictures to show you, i looked at all the pics i have in my pindrive and i have over 1,000 to show. haha.

well i love you all. see you this week !!!!

Elder Mark Frye

hey mom, well news flash. i spoke to the mission secretary and he said that theyc ant find any flights for me for the 23rd but they have found some flights for me a little bit sooner so he told me that i will for sure be home at the very latest the 23rd but its really really really possible that i come home during the week. the secretary is goign to hear from SLC today and then probably call you or dad and give him the flight plans. so i think you will see me in a few days, not a week or so. so dont get trunky! but its s 90% chance that this sunday i will be at church in napa. why are tyler sykes parents going to pick him up so early? doesnt he finish in like october? well he might have to finsih early to start school right? well today is my very last pday. ill write more today in the afternoon.

love ya

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Mon, Aug 9, 2010

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hey mom,

this week went real good. we baptized a guy from venezuela, hes 17 and had been going to church for 2 years. so that was pretty cool, he told us he wants to go on a mission. his name is eduardo montenegro. which in english means eduard blackmountain. pretty cool last name huh? so you went to visit christine? thats not fair, i wanna visit her. you guys never came and visited me. you visited rob and christine. but its ok. we are going to come back soon right? so mom dont get trunky for me until next week. its strange to think ill be done in less than 2 weeks. well ive got lots of good stories to tell when i get home. elder walke went home today. he had to go home early to get ready for school. and elder bartolomei from manteca cali went home 3 days ago for the same reason. johns going to be a senior? crazy. its strange to think that i graduated over 3 years ago. the mission has gone by really fast hasnt it. well i think its about time to go home. well in 2 weeks. i still have the same comp, elder romero from buenos aires argentina. a funny guy and a great missionary. i told him he can date christine when she gets home. i still need to ask her about that tho. haha. well i would write some missionary stories but then i wouldnt have anything to talk about when i get home. so ill leave you with this, the mission is awesome!

Élder Mark Frye

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Mon, Jul 31, 2010

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i borrowed my comps camera and he sent i can send pics from his camera. here are some. we had a fun cake fight. haha.

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Mon, Aug 2, 2010

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Hola mama!!!

well my bday went great! not much is new… things are going real good. strange to think that im going to be home in 3 weeks. but dont worry im not thinking about it too much. we are going to have a baptism this saturday. a guy named eduardo, he is 17 years old and wants to go on a mission. weve been teaching him for like 4 weeks now. my bday went great. ill send you some pics next week, im in an internet cafe where i cant send pics very easily. well, we had a little party cuz this family in the ward here really loves us missionaries and her daughter turned 21 too the very same day. so we had some cake… and we threw it around the house too… wow it was a great party. haha lots good pics… lotsa um. the mission is going great. my comp is awesome. im pretty sure im gonna head down to argentina after the mission, but im kinda scared to go home cuz you are going to make fun of my lack of english skills. haha. i cant speak at all. i speak spanglish. but i think ill get over it. i hope. i bought a new swetshirt today, one to use when i am home. jsut so you know. oh well i spoke to the assistants and im going home on the 23rd or the 24th. so be ready for me. so hes going to cochabamba bolovia. there will be lots of ecuatorians in his mission. i know a couple people here that have served int hat mission, i think its a pretty cold place but ill have to check out to be sure. well i love you all, thanks for the happy birthdays.

your favorite son that is on a mission.

Élder Markus Frye (i dont know why but like a year and a half ago i started calling myself markus and it kinda stuck)


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Mon, Jul 26, 2010

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Hi mom

well… ive got 4 weeks left. dont get trunky. haha. things are going great. we had an awesome baptism last saturday. this girl named janeth zambrano. she had been going to church for a long time now, like a couple months and one day she said, elder frye i want to get baptized! so we baptized her. yeah my bday is coming up this week!, im gonna be 21 can you believe it? crazy. i can buy beer. well here the drinking age is 18 but nobody even follows that law, ive seen 5 yr old kids go to a convenienve store and buy beer for their dad. no joke. but wow i feel old. over the hill you could say. yeah i went to the indian market today and bought some cool stuff to bring home. but this time some real cool stuff, and i bought something for john that i think he´ll like.

oh so a fun story (get ready mom, and dont have a heart attack when you read this) i got to ride in an ambulance last thursday!!! well i was helping a hurt elder in the zone, i wasnt hurt at all. my comp and i were jsut about to start comp study whent he other elder came into my room and said. elder frye… come here NOW! so i walked into his room and one of his comps (he is in a threesome) was just laying on the floor asleep. i said.. umm what happened? is he asleep, is he joking…….. is he breathing? does he have a pulse? and we were all jsut confused so i called the assistants and told them we had an emergency cuz we couldnt wake him up at all. so we picked him up and threw him into a taxi and started for the hospital in durán. we got there and they told us they couldnt attend him cuz he wasnt ecuatorian and missionaries arent affiliated with this hospital. then he started foaming at the mouth… so the doctors knew he was having an epelipsy attack (apparently there are 2 kinds, one that makes you shake a lot and the other that doesnt but its just as bad) so they called and ambulance and we hopped in and flew like a bullet to guayaquil (i have to say, ambulances are completly crazy i fell outta my seat twice cuz he braked and turned so hard and here there arent seatbelts) so we got to the ambulance and met the president there and got the elder with a doctor and figured out what was going on. he doesnt suffer from this disease, it was the first time it had happened to him. he didnt react for about 30 hours. we heard about a day later that he woke up. the other elders said that he was praying and then they heard a thump on the ground and saw him laying there. its so strange. but yeah thats what happened this week.

so am i going to be able to have a homecoming talk? can i speak for just a little bit at stake conf? well the pics i am sending are of: the 4 missionaries are me, brother pisco, brother pisco (they are brothers) and then my comp. they arent missionaries, the young one next to me finished his mission last week, he was in quito, they live in my ward. and they put their nametags on and wanted to take a pic. they are really funny.
the pic of a large group, is the baptism that i did last week. the person that did that baptism is named cosme chavez, hes 20 and is waiting for his mission call. hes been waiting for like 3 months now so hes kinda anxious. adn the girl in white is the girl that got baptized.

then the pic where i have the thumbs up, i am in the church, the kid next to me is named jostyn salazar. he is 18 and we are getting him excited to go on a mission, he was bapitzed at 8 years old. hes really cool but was inactive for a while. but he has been back for like 4 months now and is getting ready to go on a mission.

that last one is of me and elder hall from canada. we live in the same house and are both going home this trasnfer. we are in the center of guayaquil . guayaquil is a pretty place, you would like it. we are coming back in december right? i hope. thats when it is summer here and the beaches are nicer.

well things are going great here. ill see you all soon!

love Elder Markus Frye

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Mon, Jul 19, 2010

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hey mom

well things are going AWESOME!! but im feeling old, all the zone leaders have a special meeting once every change, its called Zone leader council. and all the ZLs get together and talk about how to fix the mission and make it better, man, it felt like high school gradutation becuase most of the ZLs are from the group that came with me and they are leaving with me, one half of all the mission laedership is going home this change and with this special meetign you see all the ZLs so it was probably the last time we were going to see eachother cuz we all go back to our distinct zones and dont see the other zones very often. wow was that a trunky meeting. im sending you a pic. from left to right the elders are Elder Aguirre from Tijuana Mexico, Elder Rodriguez from Chiuaua Mexico, Elder Goode from Utah (dont know what part, by idaho), ELder Felt from SLC, Elder Bartolomei from Manteca CA (right up the road!!) Elder Williams from Idaho Falls Elder Adamson from Preston Utah, ELder Estrada from Bogotá colombia, me, and Elder Walke from Texas. and we are the zone leaders that are going home. there is one more named elder smith from utah but he had to go so he wasnt with us in the pic. in this meeting, those that are going home bare there testimonies about the mission and every single one of us cried like a baby. it was kinda funny. President Gamboa said that it was the first time that had ever happened.

the other pic is of me and my comp and elder hall (he lives with us hes from canada) my new comps name is Elder Romero and he is the elder that i asked for (wooohooo!!!) and things are going great with him. we put like 5 baptismal dates this week and are goig to have 2 baptisms this weekend. so things are going really good. he just hit 9 months here. well my last few weeks i want to have like 8 baptisms. but a few special ones. there are some people here that have listend to the missionaies like a million times but havnt gotten baptized even tho they go to church regularly, yeah i wanna baptize them. people like that are my specialty, that and Jehovas Whitnesses or as they say in spanish "Testigos de Jehová" so i wanna get them into the water. and just work really hard, cuz the majority of missionaries when they finish start to slack off, so im trying hard to not do that. im gonna be teaching lessons until the very last day. i dont really care if i have a bunch of baptisms this last transfer, i just wanna work hard and if i have to, leave a lot of baptisms for my comp and his new comp that will come. but i am going to have a going home party my last week. tahts for sure.

nobody told me that trish had a miscarriage?? when? why did it happen? will they be able to have children or was this just a one time thing? tell them i say im sorry and that they will have a lot of babies.

oh yeah heidi told me that once in a letter, she said "everyone here knows about you. " haha. so sister frye is now "marks sister" haha. its funny that christine and heidi are in the same mission. heidi is doing great. she writes me every week. youre a ward missionary now! awesome we can practice when i go home now.

thanks for the pics. looks like you had fun. sarah is soooooooo talllllllll!!!!!! holy bat-caves. she easily passes christine now. and heidi too probably. christine sounds good. thats good, the mission isnt easy by any means but i can see that she has a good attitude about it so it will go alot easier for her.

well im doing good, ill be home in 5 week. cant believe it…. cant believe it…. but dont worry im sprinting the last leg of the race.

Élder Frye

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Mon, Jul 12, 2010

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hi mom, well there isnt much time to write so sorry if this is short, but things are going great, i got my new comp, the one i asked for, its pretty cool how president helps out when an elder needs it. this week went great, a girl we were teaching a long time ago moved to guayaquil like 3 months ago and yesterday she went to the church in duran and said the she was coming back and wanted to get baptized. so that was pretty cool. the members are really excited now, ive been with my new ocmp for like 4 days now and i can already see a big difference in their willingness to help us. they didnt really like my old comp so they didnt really help us a lot. but my new comp is an elder i was with 3 months ago here in the same ward and they remember him and are happy, i am happy too. he is what we call in the mission "killing me" or he is going to be my last companion. so today i start my very last transfer, crazy to think about it. well my new comp is named elder victor romero, his last name means rosemary in english. he is from buenos aires argentina and he rocks. he is leanring english so we are constantly chatting in english. he actully has a pretty good hold on it. he can get his thoughts out… kinda. well i hope you like the pics. one is of an elder i lived with for like 5 months named elder cespedes. he is a funny little guy from arequipa peru (way down south, nearly in chile) and as you can tell he is a dwarf. but he is still really funny. we used to always do wrestling in the house. he invited me to his house in peru after the mission. so im gonna have to hop on down there. i was "sad" in the pic cuz he was getting changed to a differant zone. the other pic is of me drinking something called "mate" it is a native drink of argentina and uruguay. it is a herb called mate (pronounced maut-eh) and you drink it with hot water and its pretty gross at the beginning but then you get used to it and start to like it. i at first thought it was against the word of wisdom but then my comp told me the difference between mate and tea. he says the temple president drinks mate down there. well i gotta go, thing have been going great. and for my week home yeah i think i would like to live upstairs not in the basement. well i hope all is well. sounds like things are going good at home. could you please take some pics of home for me, like the inside. i heard you changed the bathroom.

well love ya all. see you in exactly 6 weeks.

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